Rayford Road MUD

Hurricane Harvey update  - 8/27/17

Rumors that we are about to shut off the water are NOT true.  We have three water pumps running with no problems and backup generators and backup water supply in place if there are any problems.

Rayford Road MUD provides... 

  • Drinking Water

  • Sewage Treatment

  • Storm Water Drainage

  • Curbside Trash and Recycling Pickup

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Soccer and Baseball Fields

  • Law Enforcement

The District 

Developed in 1979, approximately 1,153 acres of land have been developed as the primary single family residences including Imperial Oaks, Sections 1 through 12 and 14, Imperial Oaks Village, Sections 1 through 3, Mapled Estates; Imperial Oaks Estates, Sections 1 through 4; Imperial Oaks Park, Sections 1 through 11, Enclave at Imperial Oaks; Imperial Oaks Forest, Sections 1 and 2 and Imperial Oaks Lakes, Section One (collectively, 3,656 single family lots.)

In addition to residential development, the District has various small commercial properties as customers, including a day care center, and a strip shopping center - Imperial Oaks Plaza. Approximately 40 acres in the District have been developed or restricted for parks, recreation and open spaces.

2015 Consumption Information